Thursday, April 12, 2012

Heist Gone Wrong

This a personal project I worked on with my friends Rodrigue and Kolby. We never finished but it was still fun.


Johan Wahlb├Ąck said...

Amazing stuff mon ami!

Your characters are really jumping off the page and you have such a big visual range of styles. I am very impressed.

Also, really like the Prothean, good job on that ^^

Now I got the inspiration to get through my day, thank you.

Ink Asylum said...

Looks like a fun idea! Shame it never went anywhere. The concepts say a lot, though!

Kendra Melton said...

absolutely love your work! very inspiring

gweenbrick said...

So cool! I am so jealous-I wish I had your talent....
if you are ever bored, you can visit me at
but my drawings are quite sheetay in comparison

Sukanto Debnath said...

terrific stuff! Sad to know that it was never finished.
The poster is amazing!